Installing the Circuit-Bar: The Ultimate Panel Lockout Device

How to Use Circuit-Bar

Here are the steps to use the Circuit-Bar lockout device:

  1. Identify the circuit breaker that you want to lock out and turn it to the "off" position.
  2. Take the Circuit-Bar and locate the panel clips. Panel clip #1 should be placed behind the breaker panel face.
  3. Slide the inner bar of the Circuit-Bar so that panel clip #2 goes behind the breaker panel face as well. The bar should be positioned perpendicular to the panel, with panel clip #1 on one side and panel clip #2 on the other.
  4. Once the Circuit-Bar is in place, insert a padlock through the designated holes in the bar. The padlock should be securely locked in place.
  5. Once the padlock is locked, it will prevent the inner bar from being slid out of position, ensuring that the circuit breaker remains in the "off" position and cannot be turned back on.

Remember, always use lockout devices and follow proper safety procedures when working with electrical equipment to prevent accidents and injuries.